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Gilmore Girls Claims [entries|friends|calendar]
Gilmore Girls Claims!

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Can I have... [18 Jun 2006|09:11am]

[ mood | curious ]

On the list its says"Lorelai & Dean ". Does that mean the mom or Rory? If it means the mom can I have Rory and Dean?

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[07 Apr 2006|01:25pm]

[ mood | craving ]

Character/actor/body part:

Rory's hair.
Jess' leather jacket.

Relationship: Zach/Lane

Episodes: Season 2, 2.16 - There's the Rub 


LORELAI: Uh, so let's get back to the party recap. Any little details you wanna tell Mommy? 
RORY: Jess and Dean got into the fight. 
LORELAI: Over you. 
RORY: I was a contributing factor. 
LORELAI: Was anyone hurt? 
RORY: No. 
LORELAI: And that's why the cops came and broke up the party? 
RORY: Yes. 
LORELAI: So not only did you go to a cop-raided party but you started the raid? 
RORY: Yes. 
LORELAI: This fence is broken because of you, this crap is on the ground because of you. 
RORY: What's your point? 
LORELAI: [sings] Did you ever know that you're my hero? 
RORY: Oh my God! 
LORELAI: [sings] You're everything I would like to be. And I could fly higher than an eagle, 'cause you are the wind beneath my wings. 

Wow...I wish I had more than five. Bummer.

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[25 Mar 2006|11:14pm]

I'd like to claim
-The theme song "Where you lead"
and the quote
-"Copper Boom!"
from the The Lorelais' First Day At Yale,season 4
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Claims [26 Oct 2005|05:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm new here! I absolutely adore, adore, adore Gilmore Girls. I think it's the funniest show in the entire world. Anyway my claims are as follows:

First I'd like to claim the friendship between

Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie St. James
Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim

The rivalry between
Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar

And I'd like to claim this quote:

LORELAI: You know what I just realized? Oy is the funniest word in the entire world.
RORY: Huh.
LORELAI: I mean think about it, you never hear the word oy and not smile. Funny, funny word.
EMILY: Please drink your drink Lorelai.
LORELAI: Poodle is another funny word. You put oy and poodle together in the same sentence you get a great new catch phrase you know? Like oy with the poodles already. So from now on whenever the perfect cercomstances arise we'll use our favorite new catch phrase.
RORY: Oy with the poodles already.
LORELAI: And I'm tellin' ya it's knockin' "whacha talkin' bout Willis?' right outta first place.
EMILY: Lorelai for god sakes please be quiet.

Please and thank you!

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My Claims [12 Aug 2005|04:33pm]

I would like to claim a few things.

Rory's nickname "Ace" from Logan

Characters/Actors/Body Parts
Max Medina
Paris Gellar
Lane Kim
*Logan's smile


//EDIT// I just saw where someone had already claimed Logan, so I changed my claim(*).
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[04 Aug 2005|08:03pm]
Hi. I'd like to claim...

Characters/Actors/Body Parts
Scott Patterson
Lorelai's hair

Rory's Chilton uniform

Rory & Dean

Stars Hollow

That will be all, thank you in advance! =)
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CLAIMS [03 Aug 2005|08:21am]

I claim Rory/Logan (relastionship)

I also claim all of Kirk's odd jobs.
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[01 Aug 2005|06:27pm]

Hi! I'm new and I would like to claim:

Ms. Patty's

"They used to have pride, they used to have dignity, they used to have balls. Damn it Gilmore, give them back their balls!" (quote from the episode 'But Not as Cute as Pushkin' on Season 5)

But Not As Cute as Pushkin (Season 5 episode)

Milo's (Jess') love

Thank you! :D
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[28 Jul 2005|03:55am]

come check out and/or join my new community atruegilmore
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[09 Apr 2005|02:52pm]

Can I claim 2 things?
I read the Claims list, and it says someone has claimed Jared Padalecki, but not Dean, so can I claim Dean? Also, I'd liket o claim Rory/Dean :) Thanks! :)
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Retraction [07 Apr 2005|02:11pm]

[ mood | stupid! ]

Ooops....I knew I shoulda checked the number of things that can be claimed before claiming....that being said, I retract the following:
David Sutcliffe even though now I'm think it's something totally different...
Rory's dorm
Kiss and Tell

I think that leaves 5....

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New with some claims ready to go [07 Apr 2005|02:05pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Just joined and I've got a couple claims I would so love to make....
Sookie St. James
Melissa McCarthy
Christopher Hayden
David Sutcliffe
Kiss and Tell
Those are Strings Pinnochio
Rory's dorm
Crap shack aka Gilmore house


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[20 Mar 2005|03:33pm]

Im really not sure what season :( but can i claim these quotes/convos

EMILY: Flying, thumping balls all over the place.
LORELAI: Flying, thumping what all over the place?
EMILY: Balls.
[Lorelai giggles]
EMILY: You are four.
LORELAI: And balls are funny.

RORY: Was she the one shaking me in the middle of the night yelling, "what motivated you to come out of your mother" over and over?


LORELAI: She was the most beautiful pink all over. She even smelled pink. That sounds weird. I can't describe it - that little, pink, baby smell. The first time her eyes focused on me and her little fingers reached out. . .I was someone new. She had me.

Would be much appriciated and can someone tell me how to put these in my user info!! <33 thnx
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[09 Mar 2005|11:19pm]

Hey I'm new and figured I'd make my claims before they were snatched. So I'd like to claim Rory and Logan's relationship, Rory and Logan's first kiss and Logan Huntzberger. Thanks!
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Hi there! [09 Mar 2005|11:03pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hi, I joined about 3 minutes ago and thought I'd put my claim request in! Can I claim Luke Danes, and the season 2 quote "Oy with the poodles already", please?

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Sorry if this isn't allowed... [23 Feb 2005|10:44am]

[ mood | happy ]

I just wanted to share this, because it truly works. I personally received an iPod, so I figured some of you might want one too. Just click here and register. All you need to do is fill out one offer, a few of them are free - go for those. (And the questionnaire after registration is optional, I believe.) Have fun!

I apologize if this isn't allowed here, you can delete this post if that is the case. I'm just trying to share the wealth.

[06 Oct 2004|08:44pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

hi. i want these please!!!

Pairings/Relationships: Lorelai and Sookie
Quotes/Words: 4.01
"They have just upgraded you to a queen-size bed, Jacuzzi tub, junior suite in hell." --Rory
"What do you think, biscotti moment?"--Lorelai
season 4:4.01 - Ballroom & Biscotti
season 5:5.01 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

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[21 Sep 2004|01:37pm]

since the clothes claims have been taken out...

I want to claim Michel. :p
Scott Patterson
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[02 Aug 2004|07:58pm]
updated. :]

I've decided to take out clothes claims. That was to hard to list.
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[26 Jul 2004|09:10pm]

Hi, can I claim...

Characters/Actors/Body Parts
Rory Gilmore
Alexis Bledel
Chad Micheal Murray
Tristan Dugrey

Tristan and Rory's(Trory) Relationship

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